In a crowd, if you don’t keep your hand clasped to your 2- or 3-year-old, you could easily lose your child. Just in case, take the precaution of dressing your little one in bright colors.

Child car seat adapts to a growing child, from 20 to 100 pounds.

Available today (but not foolproof) are electronic devices that help you track down wandering kids. Your son or daughter wears a small transmitter, and you keep a receiver that picks up its signal.

There are also harnesses and wrist tethers to help cope at airports, shopping malls, or other crowded places. Never leave your child unattended for even a second in public.

Backpacks keep your baby or toddler safely with you at all times, and they also lift him or her above knee level for a more interesting view.

Strollers are less safe in a crowd, and they’re a nuisance to take up an escalator or onto a bus (you must lift out and carry your child, managing the folded stroller with your other hand).

Safely Visiting Family & Friends

Whether you’re visiting Grandma and Grandpa or friends, plan the trip in advance; this will save a lot of nervous wear-and-tear, as well as accidents.

Take along such childproofing equipment as outlet plugs and doorknob sleeves if you expect to be visiting for awhile.

Be observant and, with permission, clear surfaces of any small, breakable, or otherwise dangerous items that your child can reach, especially such things as medications. Be sure to put everything back as you found it.

Also note locations of the telephone, electrical cords and appliances, stairs (it may be easiest to bring along a safety gate), easily tipped furniture, and sharp edges, such as a glass tabletop. If you go to the backyard, look carefully for poisons, such as insecticides.

Often, on a visit, the safest approach is simply to keep your baby or toddler happy with comforts brought from home. For a long day, such as Thanksgiving, a playpen can help.

Teach children to be cautious toward unfamiliar dogs and cats, and never to go near the animal’s food, even if it is a beloved pet.